Mr Santa Claus Christmas Magic and Puppet Show

Christmas Shows


Children's Christmas Magic & Puppet shows for 3 years ​- 5 years

Children's Christmas Magic & Puppet shows for 6 years ​- 9 years

Family Christmas Magic & Puppet shows for events with mixed age ranges

Christmas Parties

The ultimate

Children / Family Christmas Party

with Disco Dancing, Party Games,

Game for a Giggle,

Christmas Show &/or Santa visits 

Children's / Family Christmas Magic & Puppet Shows

Although Mr Santa Claus himself does not perform these festive shows, he wanted to mention the Christmas Show as they are Fabulous Festive Fun!

Show Times are flexible and can be between 15minutes & 45minutes, they are a mixture of  The Christmas Workout, Christmas Songs, Jolly Competitions, Festive Magic & one of Mr Santa Claus's sidekicks may even make an appearance, the very cheeky & naughty Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer (above), or Santa's Little Helper - where a member of the audience becomes an elf - usually an adult. The shorter shows obviously contain less material.

The Christmas shows are absolute fun with plenty of audience participation and is best suited for large groups, like schools.

These shows are truly unique & after the show, Mr Santa Claus himself can make an appearance. 

Also, Mr Santa Claus's friend can do a Christmas Party with disco, party games and the show

Below is a youtube clip of Mr Santa Claus's entertainer friend, Tony Junior, performing some of his magic christmas shows