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Mr Santa Claus


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Mr Santa Claus is the must have Santa to tell the children a festive story. Imagine their surprise when he makes his arrival to tell the story. And, it's not just a story. Mr Santa Claus will even add a fun festive touch after the story by giving the children the opportunity to win a prize - and of course, they never lose. 

Mr Santa Claus is a professional experienced entertainer and has a 'cheeky' fun side that people love! And, the costume is amazing.

Mr Santa Claus can tell a story of your choice though will require a fortnight to familiarise himself with the story. Or he can pick out a festive story.

Please note, this is NOT a fancy dress outfit. 

The outfit takes roughly 50 minutes to put on and remove properly. The real hair beard/moustache are glued in to position, cheeks are given the red rose glow, eyebrows are whitened. A lot of effort is required to transform the person playing the character - so you know you are getting a true professional!

Prices are for the experienced professional entertainer & professional Santa Claus character with many years of experience. The fees also include the travel time to the venue, the time required to put on/remove the costume and the performance time required.

Mr Santa Claus tell a Christmas Story